Other Reasons For Visiting A Counsellor

You may decide to see a counsellor for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you are facing a life changing event that has created a severe emotional reaction, or you are experiencing feelings of depression and isolation, low self-esteem or suffering from feelings of anxiety, without fully understanding why. You may be experiencing a lack of direction, feelings of boredom or of being trapped.  A significant relationship may be proving difficult for you to manage healthily.  You may be aware of self-destructive patterns occurring in your life which are causing you or those around you pain. Extreme feelings such as anger, shame, guilt, sadness or loneliness may be affecting your daily life, keeping you stuck in an uncomfortable place.

Sometimes it is an event from the past that is preventing you from living your life in the way you would like.

Counselling allows you to share and explore your thoughts and feelings in a safe, warm and non-judgmental environment. Therapy can help you by giving you ways of dealing with situations as they occur and exploring the cause of your feelings.


Next Steps.........

I have created a page for prospective clients, outlining how my sessions work. Hopefully it will give you all the information you need. If not, please do take a look at my FAQ page, or contact me with any questions you may have.