Is your mental health suffering as a result of Long COVID?

Long COVID can affect your physical and mental health. Support from a counsellor can help on your road to recovery.


Since 1993

People’s capacity to make life-affirming choices is directly affected by their awareness. Once you are aware then you are responsible, giving you the choice to make changes or stay the same.

Since 1993

Andrea Simson

Accredited member BACP - BA (Hons) Integrative Councellor and Psychotherapist

I am an integrative counsellor and psychotherapist, specialising in psycho-sexual therapy. I support both individuals and couples from my clinics in Weybridge and Ashtead; and also online via zoom.

For me, counselling is all about building a trustworthy relationship with my clients. This allows the client to open up through talking and get the most out of their session. I strive to create sessions that are held in a safe, professional and non-judgemental environment.

My role is to listen and deepen my client's experience in the room by allowing them to come to realisations about their lives and relationships; not just in the counselling room, but outside the room too.

So often, what happens in the counselling room reflects what is happening to a client in their everyday relationships. I see my job as enabling clients to see the correlation between our discussions and their everyday lives.

Everyone’s life experience is unique and I ensure that every session reflects on that.

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Some Reasons Why You Might Want To Come For Counselling

Anxiety & Depression

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Shame & Trauma

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Loss & Grief

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When guilt starts to build in an unhealthy way, such as feeling guilty for thinking something negative about someone else..........

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Other Reasons

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Next Steps...

I have created a page for prospective clients, outlining how my sessions work. Hopefully it will give you all the information you need. If not, please do take a look at my FAQ page, or contact me with any questions you may have.