Loss & Grief

When we think of loss or grief, we think of the death of someone close to us, or someone who has had an impact on our lives. However it is possible to feel a sense of loss or grief about anything, physical or emotional, that we once had but have no longer.

If we are about to do something that will create physical pain, we quickly change our actions to avoid the pain. However psychological pain, such as loss, cannot be avoided by changing direction in order to avoid it. It is permanent and ever present. If you try to suppress or avoid the feeling of loss it will always eventually return and will affect your ability to do, or think about, much else in the meantime as it is always right there, under the surface. The longer you avoid your feelings, the harder you will have to work to keep them suppressed.

Although the pain of loss is difficult to accept, it has huge lessons to teach us and is an instructor about caring. It helps us to understand what is important in life and helps us to discover how strong and flexible we can be. Looking inside pain expands us, encouraging us to become larger than we are and to live a life of meaning.

Counselling allows you to share and explore your thoughts and feelings in a safe, warm and non-judgmental environment. Working through your feelings with a therapist can help you come to terms with your loss.


Next Steps...

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